Facilities Heating & Cooling Tips

Helpful tips to help save energy and money in your workplace.

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  • Keep the thermostat at 78-80°F when people are in the building, 85°F at night and on weekends during the cooling season. In the heating season, keep the temperature at 68°F when the building is occupied, 55-60°F at night and on weekends.
  • Use ceiling fans to keep air moving can make it at least four degrees cooler when the building is occupied.
  • Replace and/or clean air filters at recommended service intervals.
  • Ensure radiators and air intake vents are not covered or blocked by obstructions to keep air moving in your facility. 
  • Install or use existing programmable thermostats or energy management systems.
  • Consider installing a locking cover over the thermostat to avoid having employees change temperature settings.  Constant changes in temperature can increase energy use. 
  • Replace your heating equipment with high-efficiency units sized properly for your building.
  • Install an air conditioning economizer to bring in outside air when it's cool.
  • Check if your heating and cooling system is working properly.  Annual maintenance keeps units running at their most efficient, conserving energy and saving money.