Foodservice & Commercial Equipment Tips

Regardless of your business, there are things you can do to help conserve energy throughout your operation.

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  • Implement a startup and shutdown plan to ensure that only the required appliances are operating to reduce the amount of idle and preheat time in the kitchen.
  • Check and calibrate thermostats and temperature controls to ensure your equipment is operating at the right temperature.
  • Keep all kitchen equipment properly maintained. Wear and tear, such as leaking gaskets, clogged burners, and loose hinges can all be sources of energy loss.
  • Install low-water-use dishwashing equipment if a cafeteria is located on-site.
  • Consider installing a WaterSense® labeled pre-rinse spray valve in your commercial kitchen.
  • Shut off cooking vents when not in use to keep air from escaping and prevent higher heating costs.
  • Install a gas booster water heater to meet your high temperature and sterilization dishwashing requirements.
  • Make sure equipment is turned off when not in use. Use the energy-saving feature on printers, monitors, copiers, and computers if the option is available.