Move2Zero℠ Offset Program Terms and Conditions

Southwest Gas Corporation (Southwest Gas or Company) offers the Move2ZeroSM Offset Program (Program) to its Nevada sales customers who are current on their bills (Eligible Customers). Eligible Customers can enroll, make changes, and de-enroll from the Program by completing an online form on the Company’s website at or by contacting Customer Solutions at 877-860-6020 . Once a customer enrolls in the Program, it may take 1-2 billing cycles before the Move2ZeroSM Program additional monthly charge shows on that customer’s bill.
1. Eligible Customers can select the number of blocks to purchase, and those blocks will be added to that customer’s monthly bill.
2. The price per block and thermal equivalent of each block are both subject to change. Any changes to the price per block or thermal equivalent would occur as part of the Company’s Annual Rate Adjustment application.
3. Once an Eligible Customer enrolls in the Program, that customer will remain enrolled unless one of the following occurs:
A. The customer provides the Company with at least 30 days-notice that he/she would like to be removed from the Program. The customer will be removed in the next applicable billing cycle.
B. If a customer moves to a different service address than what is currently on file for that customer’s participation in the Program, Southwest Gas will automatically remove that customer from the Program.
C. If the customer does not submit payment for the Program portion of the bill for three consecutive months, the Company will automatically remove the customer from the Program. Any outstanding balance for the Program portion of a customer’s bill will not be assessed a late payment charge or sent for collections.
If an Eligible Customer is removed from Program, that customer may re-enroll in the Program by completing the online enrollment form or by contacting the Company’s Customer Solutions team.
4. If an Eligible Customer pays less than the total amount due on any given monthly bill while enrolled in the Program, Program payment will be applied last. All payments will first be applied to other components of that customer’s bill.
5. Eligible Customers can only enroll and submit payment for blocks in full increments. Enrollment or payment for partial blocks will not be accepted.
6. Late payment charges will not be assessed for non-payment of the Program portion of a customer’s bill.
7. All other terms and conditions of the customer’s otherwise applicable rate schedule apply.
8. By participating in the Program, you authorize Southwest Gas to voluntarily retire Registry Offset Credits (ROCs) on your behalf and are agreeing to comply with the reporting requirements of the respective registry with which the ROCs are retired. Upon request of the respective registry, Southwest Gas may be required to provide participant information, through an electronic interface of the respective registries, including but not limited to the following: name, service address, and email address. Terms of Use for the registries can be found in the following locations: American Carbon Registry and Climate Action Reserve
9. Participation in the Program is dependent upon the availability of contracted carbon offset credits as secured by the Company. In the event carbon offset credits are unavailable or cannot be procured in a manner to serve the authorized purpose of the Program, the Program will close to new enrollments and current Program participants may be on hold until additional supply is cost-effectively available. In all events, the Company reserves the right to prioritize Customer participation based on economic, financial, operational, legal, or other considerations. Subject to the provisions of contained herein, the Program will remain open until rescinded on a future date to be announced by the Company.